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Belar Audio sentry model AS-1


Belar Audio sentry model AS-1


Belar Audio sentry model AS-1

The Belar AS-1 audio sentry is an all solid state audio modulation sensor designed to alert the operator to the lack of modulation in a communications system. The AS-1 also may be connected to indicate a carrier-off condition with no time delay before alarm initiation. The AS-1 is intended to complement existing modulation monitoring systems in AM, FM and TV facilities as well as in recording studios , public address and storecasting installations.

    • 1 Belar Audio sentry model AS-1
    • USED
    • Very Good Physical Condition (may show signs of wear and marks around unit)
    • Powers on, Emits a signal (not fully tested)
    SHIPPING SIZE & WEIGHT* (estimate)
    • 4 kg
    • 22 x 7 x 5"


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