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Mogami Low Cost High Performance Microphone cable


Mogami Low Cost High Performance Microphone cable


Mogami W2552 - 2c. 25awg 

Superflexible Balanced Microphone Cable. Available by spool only. Price per meter $2.75 per/ meter.
A specially developed high performance yet economical series of low impedance balanced microphone cables. These cables are small in size and special rubber - like PVC jacket is extremely flexible and exhibits good resistance to rough handling and abrasion.
High grade insulation material is designed to minimize heat shrinkage during soldering which allows easy termination to XLR type connectors. Available in both overall and individually sheilded types.

Here is an extremely limp and flexible cable for all types of audio/visual and industrial audio applications. XLPE insulation and a strong rubber - like outer jacket makes this cable ideal where a durable yet economical cable is needed.

Available Spool Size:
50 Meters
100 Meters
200 Meters
Available Colors:

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