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Tascam CD-400U CD / Radio / Media Player


Tascam CD-400U CD / Radio / Media Player


Tascam CD-400U

Rackmountable CD/SD/USB Player with Bluetooth receiver and FM/AM tuner

A professional media player offering the audio content playback options. Ideal for a variety of installations:  institutions, music venues, retail, schools, restaurant applications, and more. The CD-400U delivers the wireless and solid state technology content playback by offering CD, Bluetooth wireless, SD, USB, and AM/FM tuner capability for fast and easy playback of professional quality audio. Recording from the CD or AM/FM source to SD or USB media is possible.

Wireless streaming from Bluetooth devices

Your digital music library can be played back from Bluetooth devices such as smartphones, tablets and portable music players. Once the device is paired with the CD-400U, a wireless connection can be made quickly by simply pressing the pairing button. This enables easy playback of audio files without fussing with cables or file formats.

Analog audio outputs in Balanced and Unbalanced

The CD-400U equips both XLR balanced output and RCA unbalanced connectors. This makes the unit to suit to a wide range of settings, from background music in small facilities such as restaurants and offices to public facilities such as halls.

An auxiliary external input connector

The CD-400U equips a stereo mini AUX IN connector on the front panel for easy access., allowing users to play audio from portable music players without Bluetooth connection.

A built-in AM/FM tuner

The CD-400U accommodates an AM/FM tuner with 20FM + 20AM presets. An independent tuner output connector is equipped on the back, enabling simultaneous playback with other media on the unit.

Supported media:

  • CD: CD, CD-R, CD-RW (only CD-DA format)
  • SD: SD card (512MB to 2GB), SDHC card (4GB to 32GB)
  • USB: USB Flash memory (512MB to 64GB)


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