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Yamaha PM 3000 Console


Yamaha PM 3000 Console

$1,000.00 $5,000.00

Yamaha PM 3000 Console- AS IS

  • 24 Channels
  • Standard channel inputs are differentially balanced and are equipped with a 5-position attenuation pad switch. A variable gain trim control with 34 dB of range enables faders to lower distortion/noise levels. While designed to accept optional IT3000 input transformers, internally, on a channel-by-channel basis, transformerless inputs provide "transparent" sound that many engineers prefer, while retaining excellent stability and good common mode rejection.
  • Flexible Equalizers Each input channel includes a 4-band parametric equalizer plus a variable frequency high pass filter. The Low-Mid and High-Mid bands provide peaking equalization sweepable from 160 to 1,600 Hz and 800 to 8,000 Hz respectively, providing a generous overlap of control in the critical midrange region. The Equalizer gain and Q controls are center detented for convenience. The entire circuit can be bypassed or "brought in" on cue through the EQ In/Out switch.
  • 1 Yamaha PM 3000 Console
  • USED
  • Good physical condition (shows general signs of wear and use around unit)
  • Last tested- Issue found- High Mid Q potentiometers bad- need replacing. Potentiometers available for sale separately.
  • SOLD AS IS. not recently tested.
  • 60 kg
  • Heavy Bulky item - Inquire for Shipping quote


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